Using the Planner, a web-based advanced planning and scheduling tool, you now have the opportunity to easily plan your production, and to promptly respond to changes, i.e become proactive instead of reactive. You will quickly and easily be able to provide information to your customers about delivery times or other possible changes, leading to more satisfied and happier customers and ultimately better profitability!

Planner is based on the information you have in your business system, and with the support of the planner you can create fine-tuned production schedules and when necessary reschedule your production. Planner is easy to integrate with your ERP system and includes an integration with M3/Movex.

Some benefits of Planner that we want to highlight:

  • A good overview that gives you full control of the production, and assures that you in good time notice deviations and, if necessary, can reschedule.
  • Full control of related activities where rescheduling of all depending orders can be done through the graphical network.
  • A graphical planning board, where views and filters can be configured per user.
  • A very user-friendly system with a rich web user interface with “drag and drop” support.