ComActivity Customer relationship Management (CRM) is for organizations that need a streamlined CRM system that supports not only individual sales people, but also teams working together in more or less formalized sales projects and where information like sales statistics, open orders and not paid invoices are shared from other applications. With ComActivity CRM, you not only get a true 360 view of the customer, but also the team around the customer, regardless of whether you are a salesman, agent, market manager or product manager.
The application is built around centers, where all the information needed for a certain role is collected to one single screen, and navigated through tabs. This makes it extremely easy for even first time users to use the application.

ComActivity CRM does not only limit itself to the information stored in it’s own database. It stretches out to other applications, like the ERP, where it collects information like sales statistics, open orders or invoices online, and displays it in different context.

The application also supports workflows across applications. For example; a product or prospect can “live” only in the CRM until an initial sale occurs, when a workflow controls the creation in the ERP and it then becomes the master of the data. Due to the strong integration capabilities of ComActivity Platform, any type of data or function can be accessed and used in the context of sales, marketing, service and .
The application can also be used as an off-line application, still with the same look and feel in the browser, but running on the local PC against a synchronized local database.
With ComActivity CRM, the application is not limited to isolated sales, but rather is concerned with all interactions with prospects and customers through their life cycle.