Comflow is Comactivitys Business Process Platform – aimed to very swiftly enhance and extend already existing enterprise systems.

Simply you start where your ERP has stopped! Because in a world where you and your competitors all have the best ERP, implemented in the best way, for the industry – how can you achieve a competitive edge with the help of IT?

The promise of Comflow is to continuously enhance the value of already existing technology investments and contribute to achieve competitive advantage. Most of our customers use Comflow to build solutions accelerating every-day business transactions to attain optimized, secure and collaborative business processes, business analytics exactly when needed, streamlined applications for new users or business partners and high data volume management, all with highly attractive and efficient user interfaces.

The technology gives you the opportunity to swiftly link internal and external information resources into new web applications, which can be used from a variety of devices, like PC, PDA, Tablet or Smart phone. You can also create printouts, like documents or labels.

Comflow supports extensive system integration of both internal and external, including cloud, applications. You can thereby use it for only exchanging data between systems, but the greatest benefit is when you build Composite applications, where the information from the various systems is composed into a streamlined web application for specific tasks. These applications can also be supported by a user centric business process management, where the right person or role is assigned tasks, functions are automated and the process always controls the flow and state of information, including real time measurements of the flow.

Comflow applications are very visual and easy to build, why the developers are more system analysts than programmers and you can thereby achieve more with in less time and with less personnel. This also enables a development process, where the customer is more involved and much sooner can assess the value of the application that is being developed.

You find more information about Comflow here.