Set Free Your Supply Chain Potential!

Comactivity Planner’s objective is using the powers of visibility and agility to create optimized plans for superior supply chain performance. Continually monitoring the heartbeat of the entire supply chain with minimum effort is an integral part of realizing this objective. As a result, problem solving time is shortened; operations are more reliable, service levels are increased, and your happy customers keep returning.

Benefits and Features• Reduced tied-up inventory and WIP capital
• Improved on-time delivery performance
• Enhanced capacity utilization
• Drag and drop sequencing and scheduling
• Integrates easily with any ERP-system
• Simulate multiple planning scenarios
• Multi-dimensional attribute management
• Finite and infinite capacity scheduling
• Multiple use of colors for increased visibility
• On-line planning updates and logging
• Complete order network with rescheduling
• Simultaneous multi-mode planning capability
• Flow and production line planning
• Performance measurement and visualization