Achieving results

To succeed with a task or project, it is essential to involve and engage the organization, i.e the managers and the employees. It is their willingness and ability which to a great extent affects the end results.

The most common reason for failing to achieve maximum value of a desired improvement is that the individual does not see the big picture or understand their own role in the context. Therefore it is very important to work with the group to get to a common view of why, what, how and when things should be done, whether it is a small routine or an implementation of a completely new system.

Visualization is a very good method to create a common view. The concept of ”seeing is believing” is powerful and it makes it easier for everyone involved to see the same thing and thus strive towards this.

The visualization also reduces the risk of misunderstanding, which is one of the most common pitfalls in a project. The more complex the change, the greater significance of visualization.