There’s a better way forward for your supply chain

The old way of working can’t move your business ahead. The tough assignment for business strategists today is therefore to see where business is going, not just where it has been.

The better way forward is to focus on the business processes where improvement matters most and then to tap into the things that are on its way in rather than on its way out. We believe more effective supply chain operations are imperative and that innovative IT is a key enabler. ComActivity is a true expert in using IT to accelerate supply chain performance. This happens with basis in two types of software products:

  • Comflow – our development and run-time platform
  • Apps suite – our offering of supply chain applications

ComActivity’s solutions provide ROI in the following four areas:

1. Cost reduction. Classically it occurs through labor reallocation and reductions of tied-up capital – but also out of savings related to licenses, software modifications and education.

2. Value creation. Enabling new processes, moving into new markets, establishing new channels to existing markets and respond to new business needs are activities that add value.

3. Elimination of waste. The reward of eliminating waste definitely impacts the P&L account. It’s also directly linked to sustainability – the capacity to preserve planet Earth both today and tomorrow.

4. Knowledge capital. This measure is closely related with the way a company uses software and adds into the difference between its market valuation and the value of its physical assets. ComActivity’s solutions are powerful means to increase this margin!

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