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Comactivity is a software and services company that provides streamlined business applications based on our platform Comflow. With Comflow, Comactivity can swiftly enhance and extend your existing business solutions.

At Comactivity, we offer a balance of high business value, short project times and low total cost. In close cooperation with our customers, we create web-based applications that deliver significant, measurable results.

Through our extensive experience and proven methodology, we ensure that each project, large or small, shows quick impact and quantifiable effects.

The Comactivity Community is a global network of companies dedicated to improving our customers’ business. Supported by this community of skilled and dedicated members, we provide services on all continents. Our customer base includes hundreds of medium to large companies in manufacturing, distribution and MRO services across Europe, Asia, Australia, North- and South America.



In our experience, only one company out of ten benefits from the full potential of its business systems. The reason is simple. The company, the processes and the users have to adapt to the system — instead of the system adapting to them.


If you want to take full advantage of all the information in your organization, it must be easily accessible and adapted for its particular use. And since every company is different, this means different things. We find out what applies to you and then create the most suitable solution.


Many business systems already function adequately. So instead of eliminating what already works for you, we enhance or extend your existing software. Whether making a minor adjustment or a completely customized system, we adapt the software to fit your business needs.


 Reduce costs. Costs are typically reduced through reallocating labor and decreasing tied-up capital, but savings are also gained from fewer software modifications and training requirements.

 Create value. Activities that add value include enabling new processes, moving into new markets, establishing new channels to existing markets and responding to new business needs.

 Eliminate waste. Eliminating waste drastically impacts your bottom line. And it’s directly linked to sustainability — the capacity to conduct business responsibly to preserve the planet today and into the future.

 Differentiate. Differentiation builds your competitive advantage, helping your business remain successful.



Comflow is what makes us different from our competitors. Comflow is a Business Process Platform developed by Comactivity. With Comflow, Comactivity can swiftly enhance and extend your existing business solutions.

Comflow provides a complete platform for building and running streamlined web- applications. Comflow brings to its customers broad functionality, speed for creating and maintaining applications, and flexibility for integrating with other systems.


Comactivity Planner is an operational planning and scheduling tool that is web based, easy to use and built with the latest technology.

With the Planner, users can leverage data from the ERP system and their own information about the current situation to create an effective, realistic plan, enabling them to remain in control.

Supply Chain Suite

Developed on Comflow, the Supply Chain Suite is a set of applications for supply chain operations, designed to be streamlined for your business processes. The Suite allows you to adapt the system for your business processes, not the other way around. It helps you keep your business running smoothly and respond to changes both inside and outside company borders.


The Comactivity Community is a global network of companies dedicated to improving our customers’ business.

Backed by world-class technology, Comactivity engages with this Community to provide extensive industry and business process knowledge as well as expertise in the customer’s existing enterprise applications.

Partnerships play an essential role in Comactivity’s business model and go-to-market strategy for our technology, Comflow.

Our strategy is founded on a network of competence centers and strong business links. Working closely with our Community allows us to synchronize support of our extensive offerings.


More than 100 customers worldwide turn to Comactivity community for software and services. Our customers represent mainly medium to large companies in manufacturing, distribution and MRO services.

Comactivity and its partners ensure that each customer project, whether large or small, shows quick impact and measurable results through solid experience and proven methodology.

Ålö - New dynamic available-to-promise (ATP) for tact planning. Delivery precision increased from 70% to 95%.

Åkers – Lead time for creating a quote was slashed from 132 hours to just 1 hour.

Vossloh – Flow-based manufacturing based on tact planning and market forecasting improved delivery precision from 76% to 98%, with 40% less administration.

BB TOOLS - More than 2 million item and supplier price updates per year, and invoice customer entry reduced from 3 days to 1 minute.

API - Returns process was transformed from 12 screens and numerous keystrokes into one single screen.


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